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10 Different Ideas to Becoming a Millionaire

posted Jun 18, 2010 05:34:30 by NewIdeaTube
Idea 1:
Write a book and sell it for .50 cents a copy. Sell 100,000 copies online and you just made $50,000 dollars! (Marketplace) is a great place to start selling your book! It allows you to have others sell it for you and in return you cut them a profit.

Idea 2:
Figure out a cheap gadget you can build that will make a difference in peoples’ lives. Patent the design and sell it on for a catchy price!

Idea 3:
Blog about a topic you love. Create a blog and post to it every day. When your blog becomes popular it will get high rankings in search engines at which point you can start to advertise on your blog in several ways to make money!

Idea 4:
Most people hate math, but math can be a motivational tool for getting where you want to go. By saving just $5 dollars a day, over a period of 40 years you will be a millionaire! So that means if you put away $10 dollars a day, in 20 years you can reach that same goal and buy that dream home and car you always wanted! Math really isn’t that bad when you have a passion for something! You also need to be able to save! Here is an example of how to accomplish this idea: $5/day = $150/month = $1,800/year. Multiply that by 40 years @ 10% compounded interest (within a tax-deferred account) and you’ve got yourself a sweet Mil! This is also a great idea for parents who want to set their kids up from an early age.

Idea 5:
Build ponds for people! Register a business license online (it’s quick and cheap, this will ensure you can write off some of your taxes as a business owner – ie: gas, tools, etc.) Create a nice flashy business card with your contact information and give it to people you come across everyday! Another good way to promote is by creating a custom decal with a phone number and displaying it on your car! Last but not least, create a pond and take photos of it. Create and print lots of flyers showing your work and hire a bunch of kids to run door to door to put the flyers in mailboxes. Building ponds is not rocket science!

Idea 6:
If you have skills as a carpenter you might just be in luck, if not find a friend who is experienced with building wood products and have him start making poker tables! Poker tables online range from $200 - $3,400 dollars!!! Ask anyone that loves to play poker, they will tell you they want a table! Once again to help you market this, is a great place to start.

Idea 7:
Start a snow removal service, older folks appreciate a good deal when they see one. When winter turns to spring and summer, provide the same people with a grass lawnmower service and a leaf raking service. Leave a flyer in the mailbox and explain your pricing. Tell them you charge a onetime fee for each call or provide them with a discount if they subscribe for the whole year, regardless of how much it snows or how fast their grass can grow, or even how many times leaves will fall! Charge them a reasonable price for the year and tell them you will come by once a week to take care of their landscape!

Idea 8:
Start a handyman business if you’re a do-it-yourself person. Make a business card and provide your skills and types of repairs you can do. Make flyers and distribute them door to door. A lot of people need small repairs done and many have no idea how to tackle them.

Idea 9:
If you’re an electronics wizard, provide an installation service for high tech gadgets. Many people have no clue how to operate high tech devices. You can offer computer lessons or gadget tutorials to your customers at a very reasonable rate. Work in partnership with local electronic stores and allow them to provide your business card to people who might have trouble setting up a product they just purchased. This can help increase sales for the business and generate a good income on your behalf.

Idea 10:
The best is usually saved for last, but that depends on what race your running. For this last idea I recommend you pick a topic on something you love! A passion for doing something you love is guaranteed to be successful sooner or later! Write down your idea and next write down ideas of how you can charge people for your passion. For example: I love cooking, so I will write down ideas of how I can make money from my passion for cooking! The key is to write down as many ideas as you can on the topic you love, and finally pick the best one and set it as your goal. Once you have a goal, reaching it is only a matter of taking the first step. Set goals and fill in the blanks to reach them!
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